Commercial Garden Design in Indian Wells

A green, happy space for a children’s daycare. A refreshing drink under the canopy of a leafy tree in a bar terrace. A place for quiet thought and reflecting in a botanical garden. Whatever the nature of your business, Desert Gold Landscape can help your clients find comfort in your property’s outdoor space.

We offer design services for every kind of landscape, green space or hardscape, whether for community-owned properties or business property owners.

Our local landscapers develop new and innovative concepts like urban produce gardens, eco-friendly rooftops, renewal projects like city park renovations or revamping business campuses. Whatever your needs, our devoted team is here to oversee your project and guide you through every step of the way.

Garden Design, Construction and Installation Services

At Desert Gold Landscape, we understand that business owners have a lot on their plate. Between marketing your business, training staff and making sure your day-to-day is running smoothly, it’s easy to overlook the importance of good landscape design.

Our landscape designers partner with you to bring your vision to life through a carefully designed garden plan. Avoid simple mistakes and reinstallation through our customized planning service.

Our landscape design service includes:

  • In-depth site planning
  • Concept design and construction layouts
  • Plant selection and space planning
  • Hardscape construction and installation
  • Municipal landscaping and hardscaping expertise.

Landscape Design with Desert Gold Landscape

Hardscapes can be a beautiful addition to existing gardens or to landscaping plans that include a variety of plants. We work with concrete pavers, limestone, flagstone, slate and more to complement the greenery of your property through different hardscaping construction.

Whether you’re looking for a stepping stone pathway through gardens leading to an entrance, an open-air kitchen or a flagstone retaining wall, choosing us for your hardscape design needs guarantees a well-balanced design for your commercial property.

Garden Architecture and Maintenance

Your outdoor landscape is the face of your property and enhances the value of your business and land. Maybe you need to tend to a flooded yard, refresh dying trees and shrubs or install a new drip system.

If your property in Indian Wells needs sprucing up, we use industry-leading practices to address its existing issues.

Our team of designers, horticulturalists and local landscapers have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with innovative solutions for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Our garden refurbishing services include:

  • Turf reinstallation (living or artificial)
  • Drainage correction
  • Drip irrigation systems
  • Dormant pruning
  • Pest management
  • Furniture refinishing
  • Mulching

Lasting Garden Design Solutions for Your Indian Wells Business

Our landscape designers take great pride in providing our clients and property managers with quality service your business deserves. We are a business partner who knows how to stay within your budget and who values the importance of fast, proactive and innovative design services.

The Desert Gold Landscape team will provide design, construction and management services with complete care you can always rely on. We’re committed to raising the value of your business through great design and help you create a space your clients will love.